Sunday, July 19, 2009


For The Latest Mtn and Zain Free Browsing Code

If you using s4o nokia phones, download the latest Mtn proxy file known as "mtnproxychen" and send it to your phone.your phone will recognize it as configuration settings. simply save it and activate it as the default configuration setting.then download a New Opera Mini 4. 2 Multi mod. use the following link to download it: after download, send the application to your phone. locate it probably under the application menu. open it and choose your operator to be Custom 3 . then inside the custom server box, type in the following: ORchoose your operator to be custom 4. then inside the custom server box, type: you can now press ok.remember also that when you have the proxy file inside your phone, you can use any version operamini and mod without any settings once the file is activated as the default configuration setting in your phone.ORthis is also the new IP or ("cheat code" as many of us do call it) for mtn free internet browsing mobiles. what you do is just to locate the internet configuration settings in your phone, then replace the proxy address, proxy port and the homepage with these new ones:
proxy address or
I. P:- 53


1) A GPRS enabled mobile phone that has either a Bluetooth connectivity or USB cable connectivity.
2) ZAIN, MTN or ETISALAT etc simcards
3) PC suite of your phone.
4) The new free internet software and its settings.


Step 1:Insert the simcard of either mtn or zain networks into your phone. Transfer any credit inside it out. Then make sure that the sim card is GPRS activated. MTN subscribers have nothing to do with this but for ZAIN subscribers go to and activate your GPRS instantly. you can still call zain customer care on 111

Step 2:Install the PC suite for your phone for your computer. If you don’t have it, you can download it from your phones manufacturer’s website. For example, nokia users can download the latest version of nokia pc suite from Then configure the pc suit as follows
Access point: ---------- for MTN or forZAIN
Username: ------------ web for MTN or wap for ZAIN.
Password: ------------- web for MTN or wap for can as well use automatic configuration settings.

Step 3:Connect your phone to the computer either through a USB cable or Bluetooth with the aid
of the pc suite. Just allow the pc suite to recognize your phone and click on connect to internet. If not connected, don’t worry, I’m gonna provide you an e-manual with the detailed step by step method with screen shots.

Step 4:Install the free internet software (I will provide you the software and the settings). After the installation, configure it with the settings following the instructions from the e-manual that carries both the settings and the guide with screen shots for proper guidance.When you have completed these simple steps, just begin to surf the net with ease and at great speed. Your messengers all bubbling. It’s all fun!!! This works absolutely fine for both MTN and ZAIN networks.

Anthonia T.

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